Romania / Ukraine, border markers 279 - 290

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Bordermarkers 279 - 290
In April 2023 I made my second trip to the Romanian-Ukrainian border. I visited a part in the Maramures region where the Tisza river is the border between the two countries. This makes it easy to picture the border markers. They are on safe distance from the real border in the river. Most of the times they are situated up to 200 meters from the water. The course of the river changed over the years and by placing them here, they are always on the safe side.
On the last day of my trip I had some extra time to visit these border markers. I assumed I didn't need any special permission to make pictures of these, but nevertheles this wasn't the case. During my visit to RO 279 some officers of the Poliția de Frontieră told me to stop my photo activities. Otherwise I would have visited five more border markers: down until RO 274 which is situated at the railway bridge over the Tisza river. On the other hand: it was already late in the afternoon and I was happy I made it so far.

Map 279-290
Between Sarasău and Sighetu Marmaței om th floodplains of the river Tisza.
The new map is rather basic on the scale. Also when you zoom in, you will not find the position of any border marker.
The old map however which is on the second picture mentions the border markers although on this scale they are hard to recognize. I can't find the age of the map but it must be old. The bridge between Sighetu Marmației is not on it. This map is available on the Geomil portal. There you can zoom in and find all border markers.
I copied the position of the border markers on Open Street Map. Via OSM-And you can find them in a current map.

RO-UA Border marker RO 279
From Sighetu Marmației I went westwards. So I ended up here. A nice old border marker in the fields. Situated about 300 to 400 meters from the real border in the Tisza.

RO-UA Border marker RO 280
Also in the fields.

RO-UA Border marker RO 281
Also some hundreds of meters from the river.

RO-UA Border marker RO 282
A bit closer to the bank of the river. Between the river and here there are some lakes in the floodplains where the locals can catch fish.

RO-UA Border marker RO 283
Between the fields in the floodplains of the river Tisza.

RO-UA Border marker RO 284
In the feilds. The village Sarasău is on the background.

RO-UA Border marker RO 285
In the garden of a house in Sarasău.

RO-UA Border marker RO 286
Again one btween the fields. South of Sarasău.

Border marker RO 287
On the second picture a detail of the top of the marker. A kind of wooden shield with the Romanian flag. This shield is often missing.

RO-UA Border marker RO 288
In the backyard of some houses in the next village Valea Hotarului.

RO-UA Border marker RO 289
A small river (Iza) flows into the Tisza. Close to the road I found this border marker. It's a new plastic copy, which is placed as a cover over the old copy. We will see this more on places which are easy accessable.
The fences are there to protect a building place.

RO-UA Border marker RO 290
Also a new one close to the road. I wonder if you need permission to make pictures of this one as well. It's also visible on Google streetview.
This border marker is situated at the 'land' side of the road, as if the road is in Ukraine. Which is of course not the case. The road runs about 40 meters from the river bank.

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