Romania / Ukraine, border markers 301 - 310

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Bordermarkers 301 - 310
The last part in the flat land between the hills and the river Tisza. On some places the hills reach already the river. There the railroad between Sighetu Marmației and Valea Vişeului runs close to the river and the border.

Map 301-310
Starting in the floodplains east of Sighetu Marmației and ending in Lunca la Tisza. Here a close up of the situation in Bacicoiu where the space between the hills and the river becomes narrow.

RO-UA Border marker RO 301
In the floodplains of the river Tisza which are sometimes used as orchard or as fields.

RO-UA Border marker RO 302
Same here.

RO-UA Border marker RO 303
On a kind of dike behind a fence. (Fence is on the right). As there was an opening in the fence we could easily reach it.

Border marker UA 304
Behind the same fence. Quite a big area is closed.
On the fence it says 'Acces interzis. Zonă de protectie sanitară cu regim sever' which means "Access forbidden. Sanitary protection zone with severe regime"
For me it was not clear what's the matter here. We saw even a gate which was guarded.
The border marker was hard to picture from behind the fence. Besides that, it's hardly recognizable between the vegetation. It hasn't been painted or maintained for a very long time.

Border marker RO 305
Also not an easy one. We searched for it and finally my colleague Roelof found it lying on the ground.
With some phantasy you can make a '5' as last digit on the second picture.

RO-UA Border marker RO 306
Again closer to the river at the edge of a steep bank.

Border marker RO 307
The first spot where the railway line between Sighetu Marmației and Valea Vişeului comes close to the river. Although the trainrun is limited to only a few passenger trains a day, we could spot one here (second picture).

RO-UA Border marker RO 308
On the left the descent to the river Tisza, on the right it goes up steep. The railway line is equiped with two different track gauges. Standard gauge, used in Western Europe. And broad gauge as used in the former Soviet Union. At the moment, the broad gauge is not used.

Border marker RO 309
On a nice location in the small village Lunca la Tisa. We spoke to some local people at the small bar on the right.
On the second picture you see the remainings of an old bridge and the Ukrainian copy of BM 309. Notice the bared wire. According to the locals, this bared wire is there only scince some months. Not particully there to stop refugees (they are allowed to travel via the border crossing in Sighetu Marmației) but against smuggling. We see this bared wire almost everywhere along the Tisza now.

RO-UA Border marker RO 310
he last one on the flat land south of the Tisza. Close to the descent to the river.

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