Romania / Ukraine, border markers 322 - 333

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Bordermarkers 322 - 333
The difficult part of the trip. From the river it's a long ascend to BM 333. In fact we wanted to reach BM 340 on 'Muntule Muncelului' (1318m), but that was too much for me. Still we climbed over 780 meters.

Map 322-333
On the left the angle east of Valea Vişeului where the border leaves the Tisza and climbs into the mountains. It's the start of a very long stretch right thtough the Carpathian mountains. Mostly unaccessable areas due to the lack of roads or tracks.

RO-UA Border marker RO 322
From the Tisza the border runs into the mountains (Carpathians) and frist follows a small creek, called Norija. The banks are rather steep and the ascend is also steep. There is no path or track to follow.
Here again old border markers.

Border marker UA 322
We could also see the Ukrainian copy on the other side of the creek.
The small stone in front of the UA border marker is interesting. It contains the characters "CS", which refers to the period 1918-1930 when this part of Ukrain was part of Czechoslovakia.

RO-UA Border marker RO 323
Overview of the border through the creek and the bordermarkers 323.

RO-UA Border marker UA 323
The Ukrainian copy on the steep bank.
RO-UA Border marker RO 324
A look into the narrow and steep valley from which we climbed. Ukraine is on the right side.

RO-UA Border marker RO 325
Finally for a short distance a bit less steep. But no path so we still had to find our way between the would, the bushes and the branches.

RO-UA Border marker UA 325
The Ukrainian copy on the steep hill.

RO-UA Tussensteen
On both sides we found some intermediate markers. This one contains a 'P'. Could also be a Cyrillic letter 'R'for Romania.

RO-UA Border marker RO 326

RO-UA Border marker UA 326
The Ukrainian copy on the other steep bank. Notice the small marker some meters lower left of the big marker.

Border marker RO 327
The small creek Norija must spring somewhere here. The stream is still very narrow.
On the second picture a detail of the border marker. The wooden shield containing the romanian flag is missing. The marker hasn't been maintained for a very long time.

RO-UA Border marker UA 327
Quite far from the water but well maintained.

RO-UA Border marker RO 328
We are still climbing. No more creek here, only a kind of a didge. Still the distance between the two makers is over 40 meters.

RO-UA Border marker RO 329
Hard to recognize the real border here. No strip or open space. Going up we kept on the safe side.

RO-UA Border marker RO 329 Old
For sudden we found this old border marker somewhere in the middle between 329 and 330. Still contains '329' but there is no corresponding marker on the Ukrainian side.

RO-UA Border marker RO 330
Finally the border markers are close to each other although there is still vegetation between them.

Border marker UA 330
Here we see the history of these border markers. This blue/yellow marker replaces an old red/green marker of the terrorist state which I guess collapsed.
As I saw more often in hard accessable areas, the old marker is not taken away.
On the second marker a detail of the old red/green marker lying on the ground.

Border marker RO 331
Finally we see the two border markers close to each other. Again the terrain is very steep here.

Border marker UA 331
This Ukrainian copy is also the second one. The old one most likely broke and is lying aside. You see it's blue/yellow but I guess it's original colors were red/green. At least, that woul not be unusual.
On the second picture a detail of the top. The Ukrainians must have run out of (plastic) shields. Here they sticked a shield made of cement on the top of the marker but fell of. The heavy frost in winter destroys everything. A detail of a fallen cement shield you find at the picture of UA 332.

RO-UA Border marker RO 332
Again some hundred meters further to the south east.

Border marker UA 332
Again the two border markers close to each other. This Ukrainian copy has problems as well. The cement shield fell of, the paint is bad.

RO-UA Border marker RO 333
The last pair of this tour. It was quite a climb from the Tisza river.
The higher you come, the worse the condition of most border markers. This Romanian 333 fell off. You clearly recognize the five concrete parts that are glued together with cement and a reinforcing bar.
The Ukrainians use the same technique but than with six parts (see SK-UA 145 and 148).

RO-UA Border marker UA 333
Going up to Muntule Muncelului was too chalenching. And as there were no other options to come closer to the border by car, our tour ended here.

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