Hungary / Ukraine, border markers 187 - 202

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Bordermarkers 187 - 202
Second and last border hike along the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. I was here after my morning hike close to Barabas.
It looks if I was only noticed by deer, but you never know.

EE-RU  20160415 Map 187-202
I hiked from Beregdaroc (North) to the border crossing in Beregsurány (South).
Due to the numbering of the border markers, I describe it in the opposite way.

EE-RU  20160415 Close to border crossing Beregsurány
This was the end of the hike, from here I returned to the car in Beregdorac.
I approached the border crossing from the fields and meadows but I turned back here to avoid a confrontation at the border crossing. Although I informed the Border Police, I was not sure if they were aware of my presence here.
The pair of border markers in front of the crossing road must be 187.

EE-RU  20160415 Close to border crossing Beregsurány
The creek which can be considered as the border, ends here in a drain pipe. On top of it a small border sign.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 188
On oth sides of the creek you will find the border markers. Also there are bushes to avoid easy border crossing. The Hungarian side of the border is used as agricultural fields, not clear what happens on the other side. Maybe there is a buffer between the border and the accessable part of the country.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 189
Every angle here is covered by a pair of border markers.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 190
This desolated area is the territory of deer and roe deer. You will find their traces everywhere.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 191
Another angle with border markers.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 192
Here the creek ends.

Border marker 193 with antlers
A big sigs in the middle which indicates the border.
Here I found a pair of antlers of a fallow deer. They were big and heavy and wouldn't fit into my luggeage so I left them here. It's quite rare to find a pair instead of one single antler.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 194
The border makes a 90 degrees angle here. The small tower has nothing to do with border protection I guess. It's a place for hunters from where they can shoot their victims.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 195
The border touches the edge of woods.

Border marker 196 with deer
On both sides of the border there is are small woods. The territory of deer. I could spot some on the border strip.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 197
Open fields on the Hungarian side.

Border marker 198
Between the fields and some bushes. Notice the small whire pole on the background which is placed exactly on the border.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 199

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 200

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 201
This one is close to the small road near Beregdaroc where I parked my car to start the hike. The border makes a 45 degrees angle here. On the background you can already see the pair 202.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 202
The end of this hike. During my hike from here to the approach of the border crossing at Beregsurány I met no one.
After this hike I visited Vylok, a bit more to the south-east.

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