Romania / Ukraine, border markers 103 - 135

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Bordermarkers 103 - 135
After my visit to the Halmeu area I went to Tarna Mare. Again the Border Police wanted to see me before I would make the hike along the border. I had called that it would arrive in Sirlau (where they would wait for me) at 14:00. When I wanted to make the turn from the main road to Sirlau I was already awaited by an Iveco Massif with three men: the driver, the guide (Bobo) and Adrian with whom I had contact during the preparation and who had arranged the permit. Again three very friendly and helpful Border Police Officers.
I parked my car in Sirlau and from there I they brought me to the starting point north of Bocicau. Just to help to find my way Adrian and Bobo joint me and guided me to most of the border markers.It was a great pleasure!
We hiked in the opposite direction, starting at 112 and ended at 103.
The next afternoon they took me to 133 - 135.

EE-RU  20160415 Map 103 - 135
Nort-West of Tarna Mare.

EE-RU  20160415 Iveco
The Iveco Massiv of the Border Police which we took back after the long hike. It was hot and my guides were thirsty.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 103
In fact, this was the end of the tour. It was already after 16:00h and it was time to stop. If I wanted I could join an other patrol to go further south but I was quite tired after two long and difficult hikes today.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 106
BM 104 and 105 we skipped. According Bobo it's not clear how the border runs and they are hard to find. Besides that, the area is alomst unaccessable due to the bushes and the canals.

EE-RU  20160415 Water and mud
Just to give an impression about the conditions....

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 107
Hard to reach. I had to struggle many compact bushes. Imagine how it's here in summer...

EE-RU  20160415 My guides
In the front Adrian, on the background Bobo. The border runs about 50 meters in the bushes at the right.

Border marker 108
The Ukrainian copy, well maintained.
On the second picture the Romanian copy, which lost it's shield.
In these bushes it's impossible to take a picture with both markers.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 110
Taken -of course- from the Romanian side. The stone covers the real state border. In this area most bordermarkers are covered by a stone without inscription.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 111
Again not that easy to reach.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 112
The Ukrainian side is more open and maintained than the Romanian side. My guides admitted that they don't make much effort in cleaning the border strip. The Ukrainians however do.
This was the last for today.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 133
On the last day of my trip I first visited the border markers 145-155. After that exhausting trip Adrian took me to some some border markers in the area of the barracks ofthe Border Police in Tarna Mare.
This one is fully covered by bushes.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 134
Again open on the Ukrainian side but almost unaccessable on the Romanian side.

Border marker 135
In the past here was a border crossing for pedestrians only but they closed it many years ago. On the second picture you see a close-up. Now there are plans to make a new bigger border crossing at 134.

EE-RU  20160415 View with watch tower
A view from BM 133 to the north. Notice the Ukrainian watch tower.

EE-RU  20160415 Last view
Also taken from the little hill where I found 133.
The village is Tarna Mare, the border runs behind the village.

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