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Criva area: Bordermarkers 0001 - 0034
On the first day of my visit of the northern border between Moldova and Ukraine (16.04.2019) I visited the area of Criva at the border crossing Criva-Mamaliga .
The weather was bad: rain and sometimes snow. I had no good shoes or clothes to go into the fields: my suitcase missed the connecting flight from Vienna to Chisinau and arrived at the end of the day. So I visited only some easy to reach border markers. I was accompanied by some very friendly and enthousiastic Border Guards from the Poliția de Frontieră.
EE-RU  20160415 Edineț
Before going to the border at Criva, I had to visit the headquarters of the Poliția de Frontieră Direcţia regională Nord in Edineț. A kind guy called Victor took care of me and arranged all the permits and the visits to the different areas on the different days. He was of great help and support!
On the area of the headquarters I saw this nice wall board which summarizes the activities, the field and the image of the Poliția de Frontieră.

EE-RU  20160415 Map 0001-0006
Border marker 4 I missed. According to the Border Guards it was hard to reach due to the mud after heavy rains.

Border marker 1
From the tripoint in the river Prut until here is only about 100 meters.
A small path which ended here took us there.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 2
Between the railroad and the border crossing Criva-Mamaliga. There is a small path on the Moldovan side from the border crossing leading to the course of the border.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 3
Close to the border crossing Criva-Mamaliga which is used for international border crossing.

Border marker 5
BM 4 was hard to reach due to bad roads and mud. BM 5 we could reach by car via small, bad and muddy roads.
Both Moldova and Ukraine maintain their border markers very well. On the Moldovan pillars sometimes the national sign is missing.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 6
From 5 to 6 there was also a small bad road but my Dacia Logan could face it.

EE-RU  20160415 Map 19-34
We are a bit more east now. First I had the intention to hike from BM 19 until 32 or 34 but without good shoes this would be a bad idea. The alternative however was excellent: the Border Guards who accompanied me told me some interesting backgrounds of the area and the border crossings.

Border marker 19
Close to the railroad in Lipcani. The railroad is in use for freight trains between Criva where there is a big stone mine and Ukraine where the stones are used. This railroad crosses the border a few times.

Border marker 20
At the local border crossing Lipcani-Podvirivka. This border crossing is only in use for local traffic.
Once there was a duty-free store, but it's closed now.
Not much traffic here: mainly pedestrians between the surrounding villages.

Border marker 32
The same railroad as at BM 19. Here only run a few trains per day, the trains with stones. Time for another picture with border police Victoria who was interpreter. Also a picture with a local chief. All these people were so friendly and selfless for me: it was cold and I didn't have a warm coat. One of the Border Guards lent me his coat.

Border marker 34
Local border crossing Medveja-Zelionaia. Also not much action here, but we drank coffee here. Most of the staff was gazing at me: why do you come all the way from Netherlands to take pictures of border markers...?

EE-RU  20160415 Border monument Criva
After this 'guided tour' I met the local chief of the Poliția de Frontieră in Criva. Again a happy moment with this picture of the monument on the area of the office close to Criva.

Once again thank you all for making this visit possible and unforgetable!

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