Romania / Ukraine, border markers 291 - 300

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Bordermarkers 291 - 300
Now we reach an interesting part. In Sighetu Marmației you can cross the border to Solotvyno. In Solotvyno it's possible to come close to the fenced nogo-zone. This zone is only very narrow as it is trapped between the river and the village Solotvyno. An unique opportunity to see such a zone from Ukrainian side. Usually the nogo-zone is much wider, up to 1 kilometer.

Map 291-300
Along the river Tisza. Through Sighetu Marmației and Solotvino (UA). We had a short trip into Ukraine and could even picture some Ukrainian border posts which is quite unique.

RO-UA Border marker RO 291
A few hundred meters from the border crossing Sighetu Marmației. Situated on a dike, with a nice flowering tree on the background.

RO-UA Border marker RO 292
At the border crossing 'Punctul de Trecere a Frontierei Sighetu Marmației'. Situated close to some temporary offices with provisons for refugees.

RO-UA Border crossing Sighetu Marmatiei.
The bridge over the river Tisza which connects Romania with Ukraine. No signs of war here.
For us the formalities on both sides of the border went quick. Not much activity.

RO-UA Bridge over the river Tisza.
The bicycle is a popular means of transport here. I tried to rent one to cycle some kilometers into Ukraine but I couldn't find a rental bike.

Border marker UA 292
After crossing the river we saw this border marker. Usually in such areas there is a 'no photography' sign, but not here.
Close to the marker there was a 'Duty Free' shop, with lots of people waiting in line to enter.

RO-UA Border crossing Solotvyno.
Border crossing from Ukrainian side. Official name of the border crossing: 'Mizhnarodnyy Punkt Propusku Dlya Avtomobil'noho Spoluchennya "Solotvyno"'.
Also on this side no signs of war.

RO-UA Border marker RO 293
Following the river on Romanian side of Sighetu Marmației: along the road on the dike.

Border marker UA 293
During the trip to Solotvyno I found some interesting places. The fence, the protected zone and the border marker are usually not visible as they are hidden behind a fence far in the no-go zone. But here, where the border runs through the river and the village is so close to the river, there is little choice. When I first passed this spot, there was a soldier patrolling. If I had made a picture, this would have caused trouble. Better to come back half an hour later when he left.

On the second picture you see the gate in the fence. The gate is covered with a sand strip, most likely to detect foot prints in case of tresspassing.

RO-UA Border marker RO 294
Back on the Romanian side. Still along the road on the dike east of Sighetu Marmației.

Border marker UA 294
In Solotvyno again. The border marker is located just behind the fence. Impossible to picture the front.
On the second picture you see the short distance between the fence and the houses in the village.

No rubbish
This sign we saw several times in the fenced zone. It means: Forbidden to dump rubbish. Penalty is 1000 Grivna. I wonder how to dump rubbish here.
On the second picture another impression of the bared wire.

RO-UA Border marker RO 295
The Romanian copy, far from the border on the bank of the river Tisza. On the edge of Sighetu Marmației.

Border marker UA 295
A bit outside the village Solotvyno.

RO-UA Border marker RO 296
On a dike about 200 meters from the river close to Sighetu Marmației.

Border marker UA 296
The last one I pictured in Solotvyno. A bit hidden and away from the road. When I left the place I noticed a small camera between the road and the fence.
Time to walk back to the border crossing and continue in Romania.
The second picture is the same marker but taken from the Romanian bank.

RO-UA Border marker RO 297
Not easy to find this one. We expected it to be in an orchard between some houses and the river but there we couldn't find it.
I asked a local and he knew whee we could find it: in the fence between his garden and his neighbor's garden.

RO-UA Border marker RO 298
On the edge of Sighetu Marmației. About 300 meters from the river. It looks the river is canalized here. In the earlier days the course of the river was different.

RO-UA Border marker RO 299
Same here. About 400 meters from the river, but like 298 it's close to a creek.
In this area some ponds used by the locals for fishing.

Border marker RO 300
This one is close to the water again. Still in the floodplains of the river Tisza.

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