Tripoint Poland - Russia - Lithuania

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Tripoint Poland - Russia Lithuanina

From the tripoint Lithuania - Poland - Belarus to here was not that far. I passed my hotel in Szypliszki and thought of having proper breakfast as it was still before 10 AM. But I went on to Leszkiemie to the next and last tripoint. It was a nice area I crossed. Although it was still early, the temprature rised again. I parked some hundreds of meters from the tripoint on a park space with some tripoint information. It was another 5 minutes walk to the real tripoint.

III-1 20140407 Shed
Between the parking and tripoint there is this litlle shed. From here there is a small path to the tripoint. It's free accessable.
III-1 20140407 Small path
The small path ends here at the tripoint.
III-1 20140407 Information sign
Close to the tripoint on the Polish side there is an information board. It states claerly that it's forbidden to enter the Russian part and to photograph the Russian part. As this is regulated by law, it's a relevant remark! I don't hink they are that strictly here.
III-1 20140407 Tripoint
This is the tripoint, covered by a nice stone. Although forbidden, the spot looks attractive to be visited from all sites. Picture is taken from the Polish side, on the left is Russia, on the right Lithuania.
III-1 20140407 Border Lithuania - Poland
A look at the start of the border between Lithuania and Poland. There is even a short hiking trail along that border. For the moment not that interesting for me. Strange enough, there is an inspection path and even a (former) sand strip.
III-1 20140407 Lithuanian site
A closer look at the Lithuanian side of the stone.
III-1 20140407 Lithuanian - Russian side
To avoid any trouble -you never know- I took this picture from the Lithuanian side.
Russian citizens who want to visit this tripoint, can only do this by travelling to Poland or Lithuania. I don't thonk they are allowed to use the gate in the fence (next picture). Actually this is the situation for most of the Russian tripoints.
III-1 20140407 View into oblast Kaliningrad
A view into oblast Kaliningrad. To avoid curious tourists, the Russians built a fence. During my visit there was activity on the Russian side: they were chopping trees, removing bushes and vegetation to create an open space.
More details on the LT-RU pages.
But first I tried to visit again some spots on the Polish - Russian border. As I earlier experienced, this was not a big success...

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