Poland - Russia, Braniewo II

Krynica Morska Braniewo 2415 - 2417 Braniewo 2410 - 2414 Gronowo Grzechotki Szczurkowo Ostre Bardo

Braniewo II

This part of the border was my second trip on Saturday. After visiting the borderzone east of the bordercrossing Grzechotki/Mamonvo II I drove to Zgoda. No border guards yet today.
So this trip begins at the east side of the railcrossing of the rail line between Braniewo and Mamonovo.
I parked my car in Zgoda, between the lake and the railroad. From there it was a twenty minutes walk to the border.
It's always easy to gecognize the border here, you never have to look for it!
I started at borderderpoles 2401 and wanted to go up to 2414, then I would have seen them all between the railroad and the lake.
Just after visiting 2415 when I was on my way back to the car, I encountered again two border guards. They couldn't punish me for not repsecting the 15 meter zone: I had been very careful today. But first they had to check this and this took more than one hour again.

III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2410
At the right the tracks, at the left the borderpoles. The tracks here are Russian gauge, it's a bit wider than the European gauge. I guess the trains here can run until Braniewo, but I'm not sure.
Different than to for example LT-BY, no special cameras here.
III-1 20140407 The tracks
A closer look at the tracks: at the Russian side of the border there are facilities to inspect the trains. Lights, a bridge with spotlights and without any doubt there will be cameras.
On the left track, a single loco is waiting. I wonder why this line here is double track. There is not much traffic on it.
In the earlier days the line was used for passenger and freight traffic, but now it's only in use for freight traffic. The big sign on the right goes back to those earlies days. It says 'Russian Railways' and 'Welcome' in Russian, Polish and German language. A border guard told me that all trains are stopped here for inspection.
III-1 20140407 Rail crossing area
An overview of the whole area. I cannot explain the white-blue-white-red flag collors on the left. The Russian flag is white-blue-red, and the flag of blast Kaliningrad is different as well.
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2411
On the way back from the railroad crossing to the west. I took the picture from behind a small fence at the edge of a meadow. I was careful in respecting the 15 meters today! By using a telelens, I could come rather close.
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2412
Rather close to the previous pair. It's easy here to follow the border by taking the meadows.
III-1 20140407 A look at the west
From here (2412) to 2413 is quite a way. The meadows are ending and I had to walk through the woods and the bushes. I also had to cross some small creeks. I would prefer taking the inspection road, but you never know who suddenly pops up...
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2413
The border strip surrounded by wood. A very quiet place here, sometimes you hear a deer running in the woods, or 'barking'.
I never knew that roes and deer can bark, but they do.
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2414
I reached these without intervention from border guards. Again I had to face bushes, high grass and creeks to reach these.
And always the plowed strip.
III-1 20140407 Looking west
Looking west from 2414 I saw the same landscape as yesterday from 2415.Time to go back.
Just when I wanted to return I saw some activity at the 2415 pair...
Time to use the telelens!
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2415
On the spot where I was arrested the night before, there was now activity! I could recognize a SUV on the Polish side with two people; and a little van on the Russian side. That can not be a coincidence! What would they do there now? Studying my footprints? Would the Polish border guards have informed their Russian colleagues about my illegal border crossing?
I guess I will never know it....
III-1 20140407 Near 2414
On my way back to the car I encountered two border guards. That was bad luck! It took almost two hours before I was free again. They had to check if I didn't enter the 15 meter zone. The guy however was very freindly and spoke German quite well. I didn't have to introduce myself, he had heard about what happened yesterday. The girl was just standing there and did not have an active role.
So it was no surprise for them to meet me here. Many phonecalls follwed and in between we had to wait more than an hour for others who checked the strip. And always all those questions: where do you work, where were you this morning? What will you do the rest of the day? Did you enter the 15 meter zone? Etc, etc...
III-1 20140407 Zgoda
Two hours later I was free again. And of course the kind border guards brought me to my car. After this adventure I waited until the Landrover disappeared and then I went to the other side of the rail crossing to visit the poles 2409 until 2407.
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Krynica Morska Braniewo 2415 - 2417 Braniewo 2410 - 2414 Gronowo Grzechotki Szczurkowo Ostre Bardo