Poland - Russia, Gronowo I

Krynica Morska Braniewo Gronowo 2409 - 2408 Gronowo 2403 - 2399 Grzechotki Szczurkowo Ostre Bardo

Gronowo I

After being caught at borderpoles 2415 I wanted to visit the borderline between the railline at Zgoda and the bordercrossing near Gronowo. It's only a short distance and there are only four pairs of poles.
Besides that, I was a bit anxious to come too close the border crossing: those places are always guarded very well, so the chance to be detected and to get interrogated was high.
I only could reach the 2409 pair, there was a big creek that I could not cross outside the 15 meter zone, and I didn't want to take that risk. Instead of that, I went to the border guards at the border crossing 'Gronowo' to ask if I could make a picture of the 2406, but no chance. Not possible, although this pair is very close to the road.

III-1 20140407 Rail crossing from the east side
The last two kilometers to this place I had to walk. The small road was too bad for my Toyota Yaris. These roads to the border are mainly used by the Landrovers of the Border Guards. Who else is interested in the edge of the country?
The insepction road is ending here, they made an U-turn so the vehicles can return.
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2409
A few hunder meters away from the rail crossing. The 'sandpit' in the strip is freshly plowed!
I was wondering if it's possible to recognize how the Russians protect their border zone. I saw nowhere signs or fences on the Russian side, at least not here.
III-1 20140407 From 2409 tot 2408
The water stopped me on my trip to 2408. I couldn't pass the water without using the wooden bridge in the 15 meter zone. Besides that, I couldn't go back either, so I had to stay in the no-go zone until the borderpoles. Not a good idea, so I decided to return to the car.
III-1 20140407 Borderpoles 2408
With my telelens I could spot the borderpoles 2408 from the water front. Not a fantastic or very sharp picture, but it's better than nothing.
Notice the deer in the strip!
III-1 20140407 Traffic jam in front of the border crossing
When I arrived at the old border crossing 'Gronowo' there was a little queue. I parked at the bar where I was earlier in the morning as well to get some cookies and water.
III-1 20140407 Entrance of border area Gronowo
I asked the border guard at the entrance of the border area if I could make a picture of the borderpoles that should be very close to the road. 'Not possible', he answered. When he saw that I was disappointed, he asked my passport and said he would inform if it might be possible. Some minutes later he came back."Definitly not possible, you only can enter this area by car crossing the border. No pedestrians.", he answered. "They know you here already. I also heard you planned to go to Bartoszyce now. Don't go there. Stay away from the border" he said with a compassionate look.
He was not very hopeful. It was not my lucky day. It was clear to me that they don't like to see me here.

But I would return to here some hours later again...

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Krynica Morska Braniewo Gronowo 2409 - 2408 Gronowo 2403 - 2399 Grzechotki Szczurkowo Ostre Bardo