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Tripoint Estonia - Russia - Latvia
I visited the tripoint in April 2016. It was the start of a long hike. By then the new area of the tripoint was being constructed.
I came back for a second visit in October 2016, shortly after the reconstruction was finalized. The last seven pictures on this page I made during the October 2016 visit.

Map Tripoint Estonia - Russia - Latvia
This map shows the bit strange situation at the tripoint. In the earlier days the tripoint was more to the south.
Nowadays the situation is strange as well. The border between Estonia and Latvia doens't run through the river as you would expext, but on the Estonian bank of the Pedeze.
The border between Latvia and Russia however runs the first 10 meters through the river and then makes a sharp angle to the north east and comes on land.

Tripoint in the river
The real tripoint is in the river Pededze. From the point in the river the thalweg line forms for about 10 meters south the border between Latvia and Russia. Then it makes an angle to he gap in the wood.
From the tripoint the border between Estonia and Lativa is a direct line through border marker 46+1379 to BM 47. This number 46+1379 refers to the distance from here to border marker 46.
But where is border marker 46? Or where was it once?
I guess it was along the current RU/LV border. The distance between 46 +1379 and the first real angle in the RU/LV border is exactly 1379 meter.

Border marker 47
About 40 meters more south there is the the EE-LV border marker 47. I couldn't reach it, it was very wet here. As you see there are some wooden pickets in the soil, I heard they are constructiong a kind of a monument here. I think the middle is the border.
It's rather strange that the border between Estonia and Latvia starts with border marker 46 +1379 meter and then bm 47 there. I cannot find a logic explanation, but without doubt there is a historic explanation. Where would have been the position of number 1?

More pickets
For the construction of a monument for the tripoint there are many pickets on the Estonian side.

One more look at the tripoint in the water.

EE-RU  20160415 Latvian Border Guards
Just when I wanted to leave the tripoint area, on the Latvian part a car appeared. It was the Latvian Border Guard, who else. They shouted at me but couldn't do much. It was not possible to cross the river and I think they are even not allowed to cross the border, armed and in uniform. I just shouted back that I the Estonion Border Police in Luhamaa knew I was here.
To avoid further escalation I didn't make a picture of them and left the place.

Enough for here. I hiked up along the banks of the Pededze river for the way up!

EE-RU  20160415 Overview October 2016
I came back to the tripoint in October 2016. Coming from the North you get a nice overview of the changes. The ground is equalized, there are some fences and warning sings, the EE/LV border marker 46 +1379 is renewed.
The only thing that's not changed, is the bad road. Without 4X4 you can't reach the area. Otherwise, park the car where the worst part of th rroad starts and hike the last 700 meters.

EE-RU  20160415 SEIS signs
Many new and well designed 'SEIS' signs warn you no to come too close to the border. The expect some visitors as it looks like.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 47
The first EE/LV border marker after the tripoint. They made a nice wall for it. Between 46 +1379 and this one they made a fence and sandstrip. Not exactly clear to me is why: it's a Shengen border and not more than 10 meters to Russia.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 46 +1379
A new copy of this strange bordermarker 46 +1379. And again on a nice wall.
On the right you can notice the border LV/RU which runs through the open space in the wood, on the left the new placed EE/RU border marker 1 which (accordingly the SEIS signs) you are not allowed to reach. Well... for whom they made this nice new pavement?

A view from the wall at the tripoint in the water. Unfortunately the picture is not that sharp, it was raining and raining...
On the left the Estonian EE/RU 1. Nowhere a trace of a Russian copy.

EE-RU  20160415 Tripoint
A look at the sandstrip and fence on the EE/LV border between border marker 46 +1379 and bm 47.
When I got it right, this is the way the Latvians want to protect their border with Russia now: a fence and a sand strip. Just like the Estonians do.

EE-RU  20160415 Tripoint
A last picture of the tripoint area. Half a year ago this was just an undevelopped river bank. Now it's a potential attraction for tourists!

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