Slovakia / Ukraine, border markers 1 - 100

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Bordermarkers 91 - 100
The last part of the April 2019 trip up to Ulič. And the beginning of the October 2019 trip south of Ulič.

Map 91-100
The straight border crosses the Ulycka river (230m) and then goes up again.

Border marker 91
Still going down. It's not that steep anymore and we now approach the Ulycka River

Border marker 92
Just before the last run down to the river we found this pair of border markers 92. From here on until BM 173 the area is covered with cameras on the Slovakian side.
I'm pretty sure we were seen on the monitor in Ulič. But as were expected, they didn't come into action.

Border marker 93
Close to the Ulycka river. We descended more than 560 meters from BM 84. The river is also covered with cameras as it can be used for smuggling.

From here we had to make a detour over a small bridge in Ulič to reach the other side of the river.

Border marker 94
Last border marker of our tour in April 2019. In October 2019 we did the stretch from BM 95 until BM 250.

Border marker 95
The most northern part of our October 2019 trip. We started this trip in Ubl'a and now it was time for coffee.

Border cuts the hills
From BM 95 you have a good view over the hill from where the border runs streight to the Ulycka river. The border cuts the wood. We did the steep run down (BM 84 - 92) in April 2019.

Border marker 96
The straight border line in southern direction can be recognized from far as well.

Border marker 96
On the map it looks quite flat, but in reality you keep hiking up and down all the time.
Point on the picture to see the detail of the two deer grazing on the border.

Border marker 97
Creeks cross the border and cause steep border lines.

Border marker 97
The whole stretch is covered by cameras.

Border marker 97
Again a look at the streight border line in the northern direction.

Border marker 98
Covered by cameras and a small road on the Slovakian side. Until so far no real activity on the Ukrainian side.

Border marker 99
A bit flat here but there is more to come.

Border marker 100
Same as before.

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