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Ocnita area. Bordermarkers 89 - 99
Today I had to visit the regional office in Ocnita. From there I was accompanied by the Poliția de Frontieră. A man called Igor who spoke English joined me and showed me the border.
EE-RU  20160415 Map Clocușna area

Border marker 89
We started at this border marker pair along the closed road between Clocușna and Hvizdivtsi. When we arrived here, two of Igors colleagues with a Kalashnikov appeared. They were talking while I was taking some pictures. I wonder when this road was closed. In 1991 Moldova and Ukraine got independent from the Sovjet Union. I guess the road was closed shortly after these independencies.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 90
The border runs short along the Ukrainian village Hvizdivtsi.

Border marker 90-1
Some very old and creaky fence with bared wire has to prevent you from illegal border crossing. On the background a sandy road, not a sand strip. You don't see that much sand strips here.
On the second picture my guide Igor.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 91
The border turns to the east. Here the small village ends as well.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 92
On the Ukrainian side woods, on the Moldovan side there are fields.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 93

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 96
94 and 95 we skipped. Igor was not very willing to hike long ends. If I had been alone, I'd certainly visited them.
This pair we visited from the border crossing Clocușna-Sokireanî.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 96-2
Again a small village on the Ukrainian side.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 97
In the village the border makes an angle to the south in the direction of the Ukrainian side of the border crossing Clocușna-Sokireanî. No protection of the border here.

Border marker 98
This pair is situated at the Ukrainian side of the local border crossing Clocușna-Sokireanî. On the background you see the small customs office.
The second picture shows the Moldovan customs office, which was about 400 meters from the border.

EE-RU  20160415 Border marker 99
The border runs over the railway line and then along the railway line. The line is in use for freight traffic.

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SK-UA HU-UA 1-34 57-64 65-71 89-99 103-110 478-485 (PMR) 519-524 (PMR)