SK-UA border, near Vyšné Nemecké

On the Romaninan-Ukrainian border

Most people follow roads and sometimes they are confronted with crossing a border.
... I follow borders and sometimes I'm confronted with crossing a road....

I started visiting the State border between Slovakia / Hungary / Romania and Ukraine in April 2018.
One year later I visited the State border between Moldova and Ukraine.
Also in April 2019 I started to follow the whole border between Slovakia and Ukraine (BM1-94). A second visit was in October 2019. In May 20220 I wanted to make a last visit to finalize this Slovakia / Ukraine project, but I had to postpone the trip several times due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Finally in October 2021 I could visit the remaining border markers.
In April 2023 I visited the border between Romania and Ukraine in the Sighetu Marmatei region.

As always I contacted the State Border Police Organisation of Slovakia, Hungary and Romania long time in advance to announce and discuss my envisaged trips and they gave their advices and full support. They also informed their Ukrainian colleagues to avoid unpleasent surprises during my presence in the State border area. During my hikes I was in close contact with the involved State Border Police Stations, they knew exactly where I was and why.
Getting permission for my activities in the border zone in Moldova was hard but finally I got the very kind support of the Border Control General Directorate in Chisinau and of the Regional Directorate North in Edineţ as well. In 2023 and 2024 the Regional Directorate EST and NORD permitted me as well. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Transnistria in Tiraspol also permitted me to take pictures of the border markers between Transnistria and Ukraine in 2019.
Many thanks to the Border Police Staff in Bratislava, Sobrance, Halmeu, Tarna Mare, Chisinau, Edineţ, Stefan Voda, Cahul and Tiraspol and to the most friendly Staff and Officers in the field for your help, your time and your cooperation!
Without your support I could never have achieved this.

All pictures taken with permission of the authorities.
© J.C. Deeleman, April 2018 and April 2019, October 2019, October 2021, April 2023, September 2023, April 2024.

If you ever have the idea to visit parts of the mentioned State borders, please don't do this without proper and early preparation:
- get in contact with the State Border Police first to ask permission and to discuss your detailled plans;
- for entering most of the border areas in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova you need special permits, which are usualy not easy to obtain;
- always keep a distance of at least 10 to 15 meter from the State border;
- respect all warning and 'STOP' signs;
- in all cases: be aware that the State Border Police and other guarding organisations have very sophisticated methods to trace you: you will only experience this whenever you violate any of their rules. Big brother is watching you, also on Ukrainian side. Penalties are high, you will loose their good-will and their confidence. So be warned and just stay on the right side of the border.
I hope you will enjoy my pictures and stories.

If you want more information or pictures in high resolution, please contact me any time.
Of course you can always help me with corrections, additions and interesting places.
You can reach me via e-mail: deeleman(a)hotmail.com
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Thanks for your interest!