Slovakia / Austria, borderstones III 1-100

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Grensstenen III 1 - 10

kaart My first trip along the Slovakian - Austrian in April 2014 border brought me to Wolfsthal.
Where the border leaves the Danube, this range III starts.
The boundary stones III 1 until 49 are in the flood plain of the Danube. At high water this area is flooded.

III-1 20140407 Borderstone III-1
Starting with a big stone! What a pitty this stone is covered with grafity.
The Slovakian side is painted with an "S", the Austian side with an "Ö".
The front is painted with the nuber, the backside is not painted. The stones do not contain a year.
On the background, numer 2 is already visible.

The '7' on the stone along the Danube has nothing to do with the border. Everywhere along the Danube, you find such numbers. Probably for the boats (scheepvaart).

III-2 20140407 Borderstone III-2
Very close to the number one. Here the border makes the first angle.

Borderstone III-3
The border leaves the oever of the Danube and goes in a woody area. Although there is not a path here, it's easy to follow the border. The border area is free of trees.
On both sides of the border you find frequently warning signs. The Austian side says "Achtung Staatsgrenze" and the Slovakian signs mention: "Pozor! štátne hranice"

III-4 20140407 Borderstone III-4
Many bushes and ... here. I'm just in time to find the stones! In some weeks or months the area will be covered.

III-5 20140407 Borderstone III-5
These border stones are covered with a thin film of clay. COming from the periods this area is flooded by the Danube.

III-6 20140407 Borderstone III-6
Green area.

III-7 20140407 Borderstone III-7
Not easy to find. The border makes a strange angle here.

III-8 20140407 Borderstone III-8
Here I got lost for a moment. Fortunately the warning signs brought me back on the right track.

III-9 20140407 Borderstone III-9
Less than 100 meters from the previous stone I already found this one.

III-10 20140407 Borderstone III-10
... and now this one. Still an open place in the woods.

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