Some links related to the border, which will help you finding the border markers.

- I didn't find a map containing the position of the Estonian border markers. However, an old map (1994) of Estonia contains the position and the numbers of the markers on the opposite side of the border. Very helpful.
You will find it here:
Map Estonia 1994

- The current map of Estonia contains excelent orthophotos. Some of the border markers are even visible if you zoom in.
You will find it here:
Ortophotos Estonia

- I did some work myself in OpenStreetMap. On the Android verison (OsmAnd) some of the border markers are displayed.
Openstreetmap. As said, you need to install OsmAnd on your Android device.

- The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has an informative website.
You will find some border information under 'Borders and Sea'.
Homepage: Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

- The States Border Act can be found here:
Current States Border Act
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