Germany - Switzerland I (Basel)

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Germany - Switzerland, Basel/Riehen I
Basel is scince a long time on my list but I never started searching boundermarks there. Such a nice city and so close to the border!
About once a year I pass Basel for my work. It's my wish to find all bordermarkers of Switzerland, there must be thousands on the most difficult spots. I will never do that because of lack of time -and money. And even whan I had the time, my life would be too short to find them all.
But why not just make a start?
I made that start in June 2013 when I had to visit Bern for my work. I could spend a free afternoon in Basel. I started at bordermark 5, close to the bordercrossing Otterbach. That's also near to the station where my train stopped. I walked from the station to Otterbach in almost 30 minutes.
The trip started with a dissapointment: BM 5 and BM 6 were unfindable. Also the BMs 8 and 10 I couldn't locate. Anyway, I made the start! I finished this trip in the late afternoon in Riehen.

Borderstone 5
The map is clear about the position of this BM: on the corner of the wall and the small road under the railway line. But what a pity, no stone available! However, the border is clearly inidcated by painted marks.

Grenssteen 6
Here also bad luck. The BM should be located behind the border buildings, somewhere near the acres. Instead of that a picture of the markers on the road near bordercrossing Otterbach.

Grenssteen 7
At last bingo! Hidden between some poor percelen met volkstuintjes. An owner of a XXX was so kind to help me to lead me to the borderstone.
On the backside the year (1908) can be read. On the frontsid it sais LG, I assume that stands for "Lörrach and G??? The number of the stone is not readable, it's to deep in the ground but it's defenitly 7.

Grenssteen 8
Not findable! Must be on the edge of the acre against this scary prison that stands just in Switzerland. Mayde the stone appears in winter.

Grenssteen 9
The first stone with a number! Besieds that, it's covered woth the weapon of Basel.
The border hooks here 90 degrees, follows the edge of the wood and then goes into the acre..

Grenssteen 10
Unfortunately not findable. Sould be on the acre, like the next one (11).

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